Interior law firm lobby sign

Sign panel with dimensional lettering

Austin Texas is a great city for new start-up companies to hire talented young help, lease relatively cheap space, and generate capital from investors. A new lobby sign at your entrance can certainly help make an impression and help you achieve a professional look that instills confidence in your customers, potential investors, and potential employees. We will break down how a lobby sign will help with each category.


Potential Investor- A lobby sign at your entrance will help a potential investor realize that he is dealing with a company that is actually trying to be professional and is going somewhere. A company with the potential to be something with a little cash infusion. We are not trying to say that this alone will convince an investor to sink money into your company but it is however another piece of the puzzle.


Customer – A Customer walks into your lobby and a nice dimensional lobby sign on a panel or directly on the wall. The sign will convey the feeling that he or she is dealing with a well-established company. A company that has spent a little money to promote the company brand and enhance the professional feel in the office. The sense that your customer is dealing with a successful professional company is a powerful tool.


Potential Employee –  Every company knows that attracting the best and brightest help possible is critical to the long-term success of the company. A sharp applicant is as much interviewing the potential employer as the employer is the potential employee. Creating a successful company image is really important. It will help you recruit that key employee that helps make everything work.