Lobby Signs-Austin Texas

Austin Sign company specializes in making top quality lobby signs using the best sign making materials. We can help you come up with a custom sign design that best represents your companies image. Most companies already have a logo and an idea of what the sign in their lobby should look like. We can help bring your ideas to life and make your signs look better than you imagined.

The lobby signs in your office will be seen at a closer distance than any other sign on your

building. It is important that this sign is flawless and looks sharp.  A sharp lobby sign represents the image of the entire company. We work with many types of materials to create the look you are tying to achieve. We work with metal, wood, plastic, foam and composite materials. We custom cut and shape any of these materials to recreate your logo in a 3 dimensional version.

A few things to consider when your developing the concept for your Lobby Sign

  • What Wall will the sign be displayed on.
  • How should the sign be.
  • What color would the sign be.
  • What thickness fits the wall and room.
  • Should the sign be consistent with the other signs in your building.
  • What is the budget for the lobby sign.
  • Does your office need more than one sign?


Interior Signs- Austin TX

Interior signs are one of  our many specialties at Austin Sign co. from your safety signs marking fire escape routes to the signs marking the mens and womens restrooms. Fire escape route signs are an essential part of any buildings safety sign program. We provide Custom ADA way finding interior signs, marker and ID signs, dimensional signs. The bottom line is we can help you with all of your interior sign and lobby sign needs.

Dimensional lobby sign

New Lobby Sign

Call today and let us help you with a free quote on your custom lobby and interior signs. 512-371-0999

Opening a new office in Austin Texas or starting a business, maybe remodeling an old office?  Let Austin Sign co. assist you in planning your first class lobby sign and any other interior signs you will need. Austin has become a top destination for large and small companies from all over the world. A highly educated workforce as well as a high quality of life has helped Austin become the #1 destination for any company looking to expand. Austin is also home to the most innovative start up companies for the same reasons. Austin sign company can help with any lobby sign budget.