Channel Lettering in Austin TX

Austin Sign Co.’s Channel Letters are an eye-catching choice in signage because of there 3-dimensional look.  Your logo and lettering in brilliant colors each designed like little individual signs.  Businesses in Malls or main street agree that the channel letter look is the way to go.


Aluminum Channel Letters are a great way to get your name up in lights. Channel letters are versatile and allow our sign designers to separate your individualize your logo and lettering and allow them to complement each other in a way that traditional cabinet signs do not allow.

Front lit Channel Letters allow us to incorporate many different plexiglass combinations or to produce a solid color whether it is day or night.

Backlit Channel Letters– Austin’s popular choice is an elegant use of channel letters. The letters are made with metal face letters and are illuminated internally glowing to the rear producing a halo light effect which outlines your logo and lettering. Backlit or front-lit Combos The best of both worlds! Light up your sign with this great configuration and Enjoy the spectacular color effects of front-lit letters and logos.

Channel letters consist of a full enclosure, usually an aluminum box, having a rear surface which is mounted on a raceway or the wall of the building . A light source such as LED’s are attached to the rear surface to provide illumination for the letter.  3d  illuminated or non-illuminated channel letters are an ideal choice. Every set of channel letters is custom-designed High-efficiency L.E.D. lighting. Austin, Texas is partial to LED’s and Austin Sign co only offers L.E.D. option Due to its High Efficiency and Low maintenance Characteristics.