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is a great choice for your next Truck wrap, Van wrap, or car wrap. Fleet pricing is available . We use the latest 3M wrap film and Laminates. Ask us about a Partial Wrap , this option allows you to get the same impact as a full wrap without the larger price tag. Auto Wraps are one of our specialties . Give us a call at 512-371-0999 and we will help take your business to the next level.


Auto Wraps help protect your paint from rock chips, Scratches , Droppings from trees , Austin Texas sun and the wear and tear that you

r paint normally suffers. When it is time to return your lease vehicle or trade in your company car for a new one you will be amazed at how easily the wrap peals off. You will realize the added paint


protection benefit puts money back in your pocket. Auto wraps usually last between 3-4 years. We recommend replacing and updating your wrap every 3 years .


A recent survey of commuters in the Austin area suggests that

Van Wrap

people not only read auto wrap graphics , But they actually make decisions about doing business with a company based on their fleet graphics. Both the American Trucking Association and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (a nonprofit group that tracks advertising statistics) indicate that vehicle wraps cost about $1 per thousand impressions (CPM). Compared to $2 CPM for static billboards or $12 CPM for a one-day quarter-page newspaper ad.

  • 73 % of Commuters say they read vehicle graphics.
  • One Auto Wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.
  • Auto Advertising is the most effective and efficient form of advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions than any other form of  advertising.
  • 96 percent of respondents felt vehicle ads had more of an effect than billboard ads.

Austin Sign co. provides Full and Partial Auto Wraps for all vehicles , Cars ,Trucks, RV’s, Buses, Campers, Boats, Trailers, Vans, and Cars. We’ll even wrap your Bicycle!