Yard Signs- Austin TX

Have you ever tried to not read a yard sign?  It’s impossible.  They catch the eye, even when they’re annoying, advertising the wrong political candidate!

              In a busy, thriving city like Austin, TX, we are bombarded every day with thousands of images and words, as we live our daily lives.  Consumers make decisions based on what sticks in their memories, what resonates with them.

            At Austin Sign Co., we have two full-time professional graphic designers.  They are experts at designing the optimal layout of your yard sign, choosing color schemes and fonts that will convey the right tone.  We will provide you an attractive, appropriate yard sign, in any material you like.  We also design yard signs in custom sizes.  Small orders are just fine—even if you want just one single yard sign. 

            We are also equipped to handle large yard sign orders, in the hundreds.

            Some occasions for which you might want a yard sign:


  • Political Campaigns or Issues
  • Birthday Parties
  • Directions for Parties and Events
  • Weddings
  • New Babies: Stork Signs
  • Garage Sales
  • Yard Sales
  • Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Housing: For Sale, For Rent, Realtors


Quality yard signs will greatly enhance, publicize, and direct people to your event!

            With our 20+ years of experience, Austin Sign Co. delivers quality, speed, and care.  We will provide you the best-priced deal on the market—shop around and compare!  Our sterling reputation is unsurpassed.  As you can see in the Testimonials to the left, our customer service is superb, and our results are outstanding.

            We provide everything you need, including a range of frames and stands with which to mount your yard sign.  We’ll gladly advise you on placement of your yard signs. 

Never ordered a yard sign before?  Not to worry!  We’ll talk you through all the aspects of your order, without rushing you to a decision. 

Why do you need high-quality, well-designed, visible, attractive Yard Signs?


o   Name Recognition—crucial for any successful business, in Austin, TX or anywhere

o   Image Recognition—an image, brand, or logo that captures the essence of your message and identity

o   Saturation—when in doubt, say it again.  And again.  This is how you build a customer base.


Why order from Austin Sign Co.?


o   You can’t beat our Quality

o   You can’t beat our Efficiency: fastest turnaround time in Austin, TX!

o   You can’t beat our Experience—20+ years

o   You can’t beat our Reputation

o   Bottom line: You can’t beat our Prices


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