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Truck and Trailer Signs and Graphics

Truck and Trailer signs are critical to any company with a fleet of vehicles on the road. They are a integral component to any successful advertising campaign. Truck signs usually consist of one of the 3 following types of signs: Full color printed graphics, cut vinyl lettering, magnetic signs. Trailer signs are usually only Printed vinyl graphics or cut

vinyl lettering installed directly to the trailer. The same types of signs can also be applied to cars, vans, delivery trucks, pedicabs, taxi cabs or any vehicle on the road.

Trailer signs are usually limited to cut or printed vinyl signs because a great majority of them are made of aluminum or fiberglass and therefore this rules out the use of magnetic signs. Printed vinyl signs are popular be

cause this process allows us to print any kind of image you can think of. We actually print your image or advertisement directly to adhesive backed vinyl and then mount the printed vinyl signs directly to your trailer. Cut vinyl graphics consist of actually cutting on a plotters pre-colored vinyl then mounting it directly to the trailer. The life

expectancy of cut vinyl signs are longer than printed vinyl. The downside to using colored vinyl is we can not do gradient or full color images, but if your logo design lends itself to solid colors than cut vinyl signs are the way to go.


Truck signs are different than trailer signs since these are usually smaller and we ca

n use magnetic signs on trucks. The same methods of decorating magnetic signs are available – Full color print or cut vinyl graphics. Stay tuned to our blog  info on Truck and Auto wraps as we are putting together

a very informative article on the different options available.

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The Mona Lisa

2 color cut vinyl signs on a trailer


Cut Vinyl signs on a trailer

2 color cut vinyl on Trailer


Cut Vinyl Lettering on a Trailer

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