Starting January 1st, 2015 the new concealed carry and open carry laws will go into effect. Businesses or organizations that DO NOT wish weapons to be carried openly or concealed onto their property must post state-approved signs stating the rules. Austin Sign Co. has all of the state-approved verbiage and graphics to make sure your business complies. We can also produce signs if your business or organization wants to welcome patrons with open or concealed carry permits. In agreement with the new law or not you need to make sure your business displays the correct signs to convey your business rules.

Whether it’s windNo Guns Allowed Signow decals, aluminum signs for your building or parking lot, or free-standing A-frame signs we can take care of you. Don’t forget, Austin Sign Co is also here for all of your other sign needs including banners, truck signs, yard signs, and real estate signs. Call us today to get your new order going for the new year.

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