We want to thank all of our fantastic customers for helping make 2013 a fantastic year for Austin Sign Company. We could not exist without the overwhelming support we receive from the Austin business community. We have expanded this year to a full time crew of 5 experienced sign maker and designers to help meet our customers expectations. Sign making has changed plenty over the last 2o years but one thing has not, the need for a talented and experienced crew to meet the demand and expectations of our customers.


We have invested this year in new printing equipment and 2 new full time experienced designer-sign makers.  Our crew now consists of:


Michael Obrien-10 years in the sign industry “Mic” relocated from Pittsburgh last year to work for Austin Sign Company and live in Austin Texas. Mic works with customers, designing and production.


Samantha-with 7 years of graphic design experience Samantha works closely with our customers on perfecting the designs that we print on signs and banners.


Marco-15 years experience in the sign industry Marco works in production and installation of signs.


Bender Morales- 12 Years of experience working in sign production and installation Bender has been with us for 4 years.


Rusty Russell-20 years of experience owning and operating sign shops.