Good sign design, along with how the graphics elements are used, go a long way in both informing and welcoming customers to your business.

What makes a Custom Sign successful?
At Austin Sign Co, we answer that question by first looking at signage design examples that we know have worked for our previous customers. We excel in creating impactful signage with cutting edge graphic design elements that we’ve recognized to be very effective within the signage industry.

Need a Business Sign that truly represents who you are and what you do?
Every company deserves a sign that accurately reflects who they are. At Austin Sign Co, our design team will work with you to meet your exact needs and specifications. Whether your existing sign needs a simple facelift, or a total re-design, or if you are wanting to add another sign for greater exposure, Austin Sign Co is geared toward creating high quality signs at the best prices in town. Our creative team of talented designers are here for you for all your design needs.

Here are a few standard design tips that will help you get the best, most effective sign possible.

The Size: You’ll want to weigh a lot of importance on the size and scale of your sign. After all, signs have to be read and understood from a distance, and often by people who only have a few seconds to look in that particular direction. Everything should be big, and yet simple for maximum impact.

The Location of the sign: Think about where the sign(s) will be placed. Will it be indoors, or outdoors? What background color works best for the location? Select a color that contrasts with the environment while sticking with your branding guideline. Choose a location that has the most visible and highest traffic area first then consider multiple versions of a similar design to continue drawing people in.

The Message: Again, your potential customers and target market are driving by only seeing your sign in passing, make sure that they can understand your message within a few seconds. Bold lettering and large typography is best and keep the design elements simple and not cluttered. The more simple your sign is, the more effective it will be.

We strive to deliver our local Austin community the best value for the money whether it be permanent, long term or temporary indoor or outdoor signage.