Time for a new banner? It’s springtime in Austin TX. Spring brings with it many things…mostly good. The allergies are something that we could do without.

Regardless of all the pollen floating in the air during spring, the fantastic moderate temperatures bring us all to the great outdoors. South by Southwest is over and we are pretty sure we’ve seen our last serious cold front for the year.

Banners are signs that we use as temporary signage. If you have a visible spot that gets seen by traffic regularly that would be the place for a banner. After your banner sat outside all winter it is more than likely looking old and tired. This is the perfect time to change it up and put up a banner with a new look.

Austinites are all over the place and even though this city seems to have a certain affinity for old grungy-looking things banners are not typically one of those things. An old grungy-looking banner will make your business look like it is suffering and just can’t keep up with the normal general maintenance items.

New, fresh-looking banners can help bring fresh attention to your business, drive new customers, and perhaps bring old customers back into your store. Don’t wait for summertime to address your sign and banner needs let’s get a head start on the competition.

Banners installed in Lake Travis new middle school

Banners installed in Lake Travis’s new middle school