Here at Austin Sign Co., we take pride in our ability to print banners at lightning speeds, we print the highest quality banners at the best prices. As for all of our regular customers, this is not news. For all of our future customers, we would like to convey our dedication to printing the highest quality banners possible.

Coming Soon Banner

Coming soon banner

Vinyl Banners are the best way to convey a message on a budget.

Printed banners are long-lasting and durable outdoor signs. Our banners are printed at a blistering 1440 DPi (dots per inch). Our local and national competition prints anywhere from 75-1080 dpi. We print at a higher quality than any other sign shop in Austin, TX. This high-quality print leads to very bright colors and more ink on the banner itself. More ink on the banner means the colors will last longer. In addition, we only use OEM Mimaki inks, these inks are the brand name inks that cost us a little extra but give your banner that extra quality that makes our banners stand out from the crowd.

Our graphic design capabilities help our banners stand leagues above the competition. We employ a full-time graphic designer who also runs the printers to ensure the quality coming out is what was intended. Clear and precise design along with vibrant colors are the tools we use to create your next banner.

School Tower Banner

Tower banner

We print banners for all events, including trade shows, birthday parties, special promotions, band banners, safety banners, and all other occasions. If you have a logo that needs to be set up on a banner along with additional text or if you have no logo but need us to come up with a layout that conveys any message you can trust us to come up with an effective and attractive layout and match your color specifications. We print using CMYK ink combination but we have no trouble with spot colors or RGB color combinations. Our in-house graphic design team will comply with your logo specifications.

To recap the top reasons our customers come back time after time for all of their banner needs:

1.  Best Quality in town.

2.  Best prices in town.

3.  Fastest production time in town.

4. Central location for convenient pickup.

5. Quality professional graphic design.

Give us a call or fill out our online request a quote form to get your banner order started today. Our average total production time is 24 hours.