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You Need New Signs…

April 6, 2016

*Begin Jedi Mind Trick*  You Need New Signs  *End Jedi Mind Trick*


Signs are the least expensive and most effective form of advertisement for any business.

When it comes to any form of signage in the Central Texas area, no one knows more about the industry than Rusty Russell and his crew at Austin Sign Company.

The experts have spoken, and below are a few insider tips to help you maximize the return on your advertising investment –


Did you see that?!

Probably not.  If you’ve got a monument sign or banner that has been on display for an extended period of time, it is less likely to be noticed by the people that come in contact with your sign during their daily commute.

It is a great idea to regularly change the content of your signage to help attract attention to your business.

We’re not talking about completely re-branding your business; we’re talking about making simple yet impactful changes to your identity.

Depending on your location, it is very likely that tens of thousands of cars drive by your sign on a daily basis…  So what are you going to do to catch their attention?


Laser Beams

Ok, so we don’t have laser beams, yet…  However, sign making technology has brought some incredible changes to the sign industry over the last few years, and Austin Sign Company strives to stay on the leading edge.

Canvas prints, vehicle wraps, business cards and trade show signs are just a few of the things we do here.

If you feel that it’s time to trade in your nasty old sign and get something shiny and new, give us a call, we’ve got the sign for you!


You’re Sending Mixed Signals

This may sound like advice for your online dating profile, but the truth is that you could definitely be sending the wrong message with your sign.

Not only could the content be a factor, but the overall design should be considered – everything down to the details of color and font choice.

This probably sounds like a basic tip, but think of all of the times you saw a logo or sign for a business that didn’t quite portray the level of professionalism you expected from them…

A cartoony font and bright colors is great for a new preschool center, but for a new law firm?  No.

These basic errors will prevent people from ever picking up the phone to call you, or from ever walking into your business.

Identity is everything – call Austin Sign Company for help.

Safety First

How old is your existing exterior sign?  Do you keep it maintained?

Austin is home to many amazing and iconic signs, but there are always some bad apples in the bunch.

Electrical signs like channel letters, or reverse illuminated pylon signs can be a cause for concern when it comes to safety.  Not only can the Texas sun beat up these signs and structures a bit, but rodents can too.

We’ve serviced many signs over the years and have seen it all – birds, squirrels, lizards, etc.

Many of these smaller animals love to call signs in Austin home, as they get nice and warm at night when the lights are on.

Avoid damage to your signs, fires, etc – get your electrical signs serviced regularly.

And while you’re at it, give us a call, we’d be happy to talk to you about switching out your outdated neon lighting for something using those fancy new LEDs.


Austin Sign Company Headquarters

SXSW 2015 – Austin’s Biggest Annual Event

February 24, 2015

In the sign industry as well as pretty much every in the Austin area South By Southwest music, interactive and film festival is the biggest deal of the year. Our shop produces banners and signs for many of Austin’s top party venues. We provide an array of services for our local and out of town clients. Many of our SXSW customers require banners, posters, wraps and installation services for this 2 week event.

Austin Sign Co. provides graphic installations for all the the printing we produce. We can produce and install your banners the day of your event and take them down as soon as the party is over.  SXSW sign services required by our customers seems by be as diverse as the events themselves. We take extra care when installing banners and signs on buildings in Austin as the rental may be as short as 24 hrs for a 1 time party. We have a variety of installation techniques to avoid excessive damage to the rental venue.

We also produce auto wraps which are applied to rental vehicles for a temporary period 1-14 days then remove before vehicle is due to be returned. There are companies in Austin that will rent the vehicles and provide drivers to drive the wrapped cars or trucks around Austin advertising your brand. This is a valuable service in which we work with the rental companies to get the signs on the cars as quick as possible and remove them immediately to cut down on your expenses.

Please plan ahead and decide how many signs and banners you will need for your event. Decide on the artwork and banner stands or hardware you will need so we can inventory the required stands and material you will need. Vinyl banners and banner stands are quicker for us to print. We have 2 large format printers running all day to produce banners within a day or two from proof approval but SXSW is sooo busy we highly recommend allowing a couple of extra days for production time.

Floor Graphics and Signs

October 17, 2013

Floor graphics and signs are a great way to communicate with your customer. Austin Sign Co. is now offering a fantastic new product designed for floor signs and graphics. This is a non slip printable material that is super conformable and adheres to any floor or wall surface. This new floor or wall sign material has been tested on: brick, concrete, wood, asphalt with no issues. Our test print sits in front of our entrance to our shop and receives quite a lot of traffic and still looks great. Sponsors for sporting events or farmers markets are making use of this we think you should too. Call with any questions or to get a free quote.  512-371-0999

signs austin

Non-slip floor graphic

Yard Signs-Austin, TX

January 24, 2013

Yard Sign- Austin

Mick holding a yard sign for Amplify credit union

Austin Sign co is your local choice for all of your yard sign needs. Austin sign co is known for custom signs, banners, vehicle graphics and wraps but one of  our primary signs we have always produced and is Yard Signs. We produce yard signs from coroplast, aluminum, and wood panels. We sell frames and stands to accommodate your yard signs.


Yard signs are needed for a variety of applications including: Real estate signs, Garage sales, special events, marathons, sales. Yard signs are also the primary means for advertising contractors and sub contractors when working on a job site. A great application for  yard signs is to actually take them out of the yard and let an employee or human sign holder take the sign out to the road side and wave at people as they pass by. This is a great way to bring attention to your yard signs-Austin TX.


Austin, TX is a tough place to get noticed for a small business since there is always so much going  on there is a lot of competition for attention. Signs are a great way to get attention from the population or your potential customers. Yard signs are also critical to any political campaign. Building name recognition and an image is critical to any  political campaign.  The primary driver for name recognition is through yard sign saturation. Austin is the best place in the United States to be in business. There is so much competition for customers you have to create every edge for your company possible so keep yard signs in mind while you are developing your advertising campaign.


Austin sign company is the place to call for your yard signs.

5 top reasons to call Austin Sign Company for your next yard sign order

  1. Best Priced yard signs of any sign company in Austin.
  2. Best quality yard signs of any sign shop  in Austin.
  3. Fastest turnaround in the Austin TX area.
  4. Most experienced sign shop in Austin Texas.
  5. Best Local sign company in Austin.


The bottom line is we are the company that wants your business the most. No job is too small or too big. Call 512-371-0999

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