Large Banner in Austin Texas

We produced hemmed and installed this 14’x36′ banner in September 2012

Banners Austin: Banners are a great way to promote your venue or event. We just got through the ACL music festival here in Austin and we were very busy trying to make all of our customers happy. We had a flood of banner orders for the festival. The types of banners customers were ordering were for:

  • Restaurant banners
  • Band Banners
  • Music Venue vinyl banners
  • Mesh banners
  • Sale banners
  • School banners
  • Full color banners

These banners went all over the beautiful city of Austin to help our customers reach out and communicate with their customers. Banners are an effective advertising and communications tool if your have these items in order.

  1. Proper banner design and layout.
  2. Proper edge reinforcement.
  3. Banner sizing.
  4. Proper display or installation.

Let’s take up item #1 “Proper banner design and layout”  if you do not have a great layout your banner might not be readable from where your customers are trying to read it from. Therefore rendering your banner useless and waste of time and money. Do not trust your banner design to an auto designer at one of the big national banner companies or try to go at this yourself.  There are too many thoughts a variables in designing a banner that works. Austin sign company has 2 full time graphic designers. They are here to help you with properly laying out your banner or at the very least advising you to potential pitfalls in your design.


Item #2 “Proper edge reinforcement” . Depending on the size of your banner and type of location you will installing it we will implement the type of reinforcement your banner needs to achieve a long outdoor life.


Item#3 “Banner sizing” This is one of the most critical decisions you will make when ordering your banner. The size not only determines the price but is one of the biggest factors on the overall impact your banner has. This combined with #1 banner design are two critical components that you do not want to gloss over. We always suggest that you go a little bigger than you think is necessary as long as your display area and budget will allow.


In conclusion there are several things to consider before you order your banner. When you are going through this process do not hesitate to contact us to help with specific questions related to artwork requirements, sizing suggestions, or pricing questions. Austin sign company is as aggressive as ever on pricing high quality banners. We will not stop trying to improve our process to be as efficient and fast as we can in order to give you the best banner at the best price.


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