We recently had the opportunity to wrap a bus…so what right? Well this bus was a little different. There were several things that made this bus wrap a challenge. The customer had decided to use Austin Sign Co.  after going through an extensive bidding process where we were the stand out  sign company. This is great we said let’s get the ball rolling with graphics this week and printing and installation next week. That would have been the ideal timeline however our customer had a couple of timing challenges in mind which we were soon to discover.

  1. The customer had a graphic designer working on the design for the bus wrap…he however was not quite finished and would not be finished until 3.5 days before the bus wrap had to be completed.
  2. The customer needed the bus back sooner than 3.5 days if possible. Normally 1-2 days to prepare printed graphics and the 3-4 days to strip parts of the bus and entirely wrap 4 sides of the bus.
  3. The graphics provided would more or less fit on the bus.
  4. It might rain. (not the customers fault)

This was it…No problem right? Well we decided to move forward and try to make this job happen. Well,

everything worked out for everyone. We received the graphics and bus 3.5 days before the due date and adjusted graphics to properly fit the bus, printed the

graphics, stripped the components off and installed the full color wrap then put the bus back together.

We had fun and put in quite a bit of overtime on this project and come to find out we were the only shop

in town that said that it was even possible. We really do like challenges our customers bring us and whenever possible we make it happen…somehow.


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