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Channel Letters-Custom Signs

Date Posted: Apr. 6, 2011
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Channel lettering is a popular form of custom signs in Austin Texas for many reasons. Channel lettering is 3 dimensional and looks great during the day and night. Using LED lighting technology to illuminate the lettering is the way to go. In years past, neon illumination was cheaper to buy but cost more to run than LED’s. Recently, LED pricing has come down to about the same cost as neon. With the energy savings and lower maintenance cost associated with LED illuminated channel lettering, there are not many reasons to consider lightning with neon.


Many of Austin’s shopping center managers and landlords require channel lettering style signs. Your landlord will more than likely give you a copy of the signage restrictions and requirements for the shopping center you where your business is located.  With a copy of these requirements and a copy of your artwork (logo) we can usually produce a quote the same day.


Some of the options when considering channel lettering are: Reverse lit (Halo Style), Front lit (Traditional), Front lit with exposed neon (No Faces). These different styles have different looks and the style that you will need will usually be determined by your landlord.


All of our channel letter signs are UL listed so the quality is standardized. The UL listing also guarantees that the fabrication methods are safe. Many channel letter fabricators do not bother with these requirements and therefore leave the customer exposed to possible dangers.


Give us a call and let us give you a competitive quote on fabrication and installation of your channel letter sign.




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Great set of Channel Lettering mounted on raceway



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