Austin Sign Co. offers a wide variety of printed materials. Our business, reputation and many of our current customers relations has been built on our ability to offer a professional layout and print custom printed Vinyl Banners for under $100.00. When we started offering our 3’x6′ banner for $95.00, our customers thought there must be some kind of catch. Do you charge for layout? NO. Do you charge per color? NO. Is there an extra fee for finishing edges? NO. Is this being outsourced to China? HECK NO.

Here is the bottom line we want all potential banner customers to understand whether your ordering from us or some other sign company.

  1. Banners should be ordered from a real sign company. Do not be fooled into thinking that a “banner print shop” or an “online banner printer” or Kinkos does the same thing we do. Most of the companies that call themselves banner print shops are that because that is all they are capable of and usually do not do a very good job with the layout or finishing and being that they are trying to pay all the bills and overhead by selling you a vinyl banner they are cutting corners every chance they get. The “online banner printers” are a worse option yet. They will print your banner at a blurry 65 DPI then tell you when you call to complain that if you “get back far enough it looks fine”. Kinkos? Really?  The bottom line is any full service sign company will offer a higher level of graphic design service, finishing, and printing than any other option. Always get your banners made locally.
  2. Change your banners out regularly. Banners that sit in a room or on the side of a building and have not been changed out in 3-4 months get stagnant and don’t get read much any more. When thinking about a change even if you want to push the same product you should change all of the graphics and colors on the banner. It is estimated that 50% of people that pass a printed banner daily stop focusing on it or noticing it after the first 30 days. The banner just becomes part of the landscape and your message is no longer being conveyed to your intended audience. In this case the banner is no longer effective at all after 60 days.

In closing make sure to order your banner to be printed from a reputable local “Sign Company” and make sure you replace it as often as you can afford to. Remember at $95.00 for a 3’x6′ full color printed banner it does not take many sales to pay for itself. Printed Vinyl Banners are the best way to convey a special message.

If you have a custom sized banner requirement call us 512-371-0999 or Request a quote