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Hand Painted Signs Austin TX

hand painted signs

Austin Sign Co., Inc. We have been in the sign business since the 1970’s . Hand painted signs design techniques and layout concepts are incorporated¬† into every sign that we create.


We use original techniques to distress and antique signs for that “rustic” or “old sign” look. Whether you want a sign for the ranch or the office we can help you. We will hand paint your logo or letters on a water tower, barn or brick wall. Intentionally Distressed Hand Painted Signs are a specialty of ours.


My favorite type of sign is one I can see the brush strokes in. Luckily we live in Austin Texas, and Austin enjoys a real painted sign more than most towns.


We proudly use One Shot lettering enamels. The best sign paint available to our industry. Our painted signs are all 100% unique and will be the topic of conversation under the cabana.


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